"...you are here to be salt-seasoning..."

"...to bring out the God-flavours of this earth..."

Matthew 5:13 (Message)

Church Partnerships

Community Sport

Performance Sport

“Our team had a great week of coaching, playing and visiting some of the beautiful natural sites in N.I. We loved getting to rub shoulders with lots of teenagers and local coaches and combining our faith with our sport in a meaningful way during the camp.”

Von Eshnaur (Assistant Coach Women’s Basketball, John Brown University)

“Another great festival with the team from SFS. They definitely ramped it up again this year with so many teenagers engaging in their activities. They bring fun, energy and very effective relational evangelism…”

Paul Meenely (Summer Madness Festival)

“It’s great to see high level volleyball coaching combined with real honest evangelism.”

Paul McIlwaine (President, Aztecs Volleyball Club)

“It was great having the SFS team in running another summer club in our school. They are up front with the Gospel and our parent’s don’t seem to mind that.”

Clive Anderson (Principal, Fort Hill Integrated Primary School)

“Our pupils loved getting to play different sports with the SFS team and they were great at having one-one-one conversations about God and Christianity with our 14-16 year olds – a hard age to reach!”

James Martin (Principal, Laurelhill Community College)

“We had another great week with the SFS team in leading our summer club. God’s presence is obvious in everything they do and say and this quickly rubs off on us and the children. Please come back!”

Lesley Patterson (Minister, Cargycreevy Presbyterian Church)

“What a club! These guys are great at what they do and our kids just loved it.”

David Templeton (Youth Pastor, Islandmagee Presbyterian Churches)

“SFS do a great job of combining fun, energy and engagement with games, activities, worship and real Bible teaching. We had a wonderful week with them.”

David Turtle (Minister, Trinity Methodist Church)