Our CHURCH PARTNERSHIP strand allows us to:

  • train and equip Churches to develop sustainable sports ministry programmes in their local communities, either as a new outreach or slotted into an existing programme;
  • lead activities with youth clubs, youth fellowships and uniformed organisations;
  • deputise and teach on local and global mission;
  • run sports clubs/camps with an individual Church or group of local Churches;
  • lead Church groups on local and international mission trips;
  • provide a teaching curriculum which links sports analogies/themes to the Bible.

Our Community Sport strand allows us to:

  • work alongside schools to lead assemblies
  • support SU/CU groups, coach in various sports, and run after-school clubs
  • work alongside youth organisations and amateur clubs/teams to lead coaching and competitions in various sports
  • run sports clubs/camps during school holidays
  • lead groups on local and international mission trips;
  • provide coach education training and manuals for community coaches.

Our Performance Sport strand allows us to

  • host tournaments in various sports
  • lead high level playing teams on local and international mission trips
  • provide support, coaching and coach education for elite and National Team coaches.