Youth Team to Northern Ireland

After being invited into a local housing estate by a Church who had previously ran a large youth group which had dwindled to a stop over the previous few years, we were asked to help connect the Church with the local community.  

We began by running two summer clubs supported by mission teams from the USA, which saw local around 85 local children and parents engage with the Church for the first time.  Following that, we began a weekly outreach where children would come to the Church for sports, games, fun activities and a Bible story every Thursday evening. 

We were surprised at the number of children who turned up and this increased each month.  Soon the children were banging on the Church doors asking to be let in 45 mins before we were due to begin!  The children also asked how could we expect them to know what we were talking about if they didn’t have Bibles – the next week, they all got them!  One family began attending Church on Sundays, several others have offered to help with gardening around the Church building and the children are very keen to continue with the weekly club.

  The Minister said, 

It’s great to see a bit of energy about the Church and for the local community to know we are here for them and that they are very welcome here. It’s also great to see children running around here each week who are having fun and learning more and more about Jesus.